Last Dodge Viper

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The last Dodge Viper happened to be coupe. It was factory customized with and for the largest personal [over 40] Viper collection owners D’Ann Rauh and Wayne Ruh. The last snake was painted in bronzed gold paint [from House of Kolor] and got custom stripes painted by SRT’s Bob Soroka. The stripes are pictograms of race tracks that are important in Dodge Viper’s history. The car is mounted on 5-spoke dark graphite forged aluminum wheels. Interior was also customized with leather by the guy that worked on past Viper projects with that family.
Dodge built about 500 unit in 2010 and about a half of them were special edition models [1:33, Voodoo [31unit], 30 Snakeskin ACR’s, 5 units of Canada Edition, 20 ACR roadsters, 10 Reverse ACRs, 10 Unigue Stripes, 5 Plum=crazy Vipers, 5 silver Center Band, 50 Final edition Vipers, and probably 25 units of racecars – SRT10 ACR-X]. This Dodge Viper is the last of current generation Vipers built at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in detroit.


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