Chevrolet Camaro: 1970-1981, 2nd generation

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The second generation Camaros started in the middle 1970 ant lasted till 1981. Due to fuel crisis and emission regulations Camaro has also faced power lost during 70s. It was still based on Nova platform [the F-body, unibody structure, front subframe, solid rear axle, etc], but was inspired by Ferrari. The RS, SS, Z28 and LT-1 packages were available with some cut-offs and came-backs. All that in bigger and heavier coupe body.

Middle 1970

The default Camaro engine was 250 cubic V8 [155 HP]. Others were V8s: 307 cubic [200 HP], 350 cubic 2-barrel [250 HP; SS package – 4-barrel carburetor plus some compression – 300 HP], and 396 big block V8 with 350 or 375 HP for petrol-heads. The RS package featured a unique front-end with split front bumper with centered grille. The SS was nothing new – heavy duty suspension plus some “SS” logos.

The Z-28 package was a serious one: high compression 350 cubic LT-1 engine gathered 360 HP and was still daily drive friendly. 1970 was also the last year for LT’s proper performance. Fuel crisis and emission regulations…

Power loss

1971 cut 250 cubic engine’s power down to 110 HP, LT-1 – down to 275 HP [net power] and the body barely has changed. Actually, during the next few years all engines were dramatically reduced in power. LT-1 had only 255 HP left, big block was canceled after 1973, the SS package was replaced by “Type-LT”. During the next year Z-28 was killed. Even though power performance was pathetic [350 cubic engine was replaced by 305 cubic with only 140 HP], Camaros were sold quite good. In fact, Camaros oversold Mustangs. 1977 came with good news – Z-28 was now back as a separate model with good handling and 170 HP, year 1978 – big bumpers, T-Top option, some panel changes; 1979 – Type_LT package was replaced by Berlinetta. When the generation’s end came in 1982, Camaro had only 3 models left: basic sport coupe, Berlinetta and Z/28. All in all, second generation Camaro has faced some minor exterior changes and a lot of power reduction.

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