1968 Dodge GSS Hemi Dart from Mr. Norm’s Garage

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The best of all Mr. Norm’s cars probably was the Dodge Hemi GSS Dart. They fitted it with a 426 cubic Hemi V8, 2 Holley carburetors, heavy duty cooling system and custom headers. Some fiberglass body parts were used instead of steel while radio, rear seats and window mechanisms were removed in order to save weight. It was the fastest factory built non-street legal muscle cars ever produced – it took less than 10 seconds to drag-race 1/4 mile.

40 years after, Mr. Norm is unveiling limited run of Hemi Darts. Each of them will be based on hand-picked and fully restored 1968 Dodge Dart – it takes about 400 man hours to restore one muscle car. The muscle car king name is retained by using 610 HP 472 or 825 HP 572 Hemi V8s. Both engines run on 91 octane fuel. The Dodge Dart You see here is Mr. Norm’s  Serial #1.

Photos: http://mrnormsgarage.com/

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