1965 Hurst GeeTO Tiger

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There was an interesting marketing campaign in 1965 where Pontiac promoted their new Pontiac GTO and Hurst Performance Products. The contest was based on special album recorded by The Tigers and the grand prize was a special 1965 Pontiac GTO named “GeeTO Tiger”. It was specially equipped with over 28 factory options and had special Hurst Gold body paint, Hurst mag wheels, even gold-plated Hurst Shifter, Tri-Power 4-speed gearbox, suspension package, power steering, power brakes, etc. GeeTO Tiger was specially designed for the contest. To win it you had to listen to the song “GeeTO Tiger” and count the number of times the word “tiger” was mentioned and write a 25 word paragraph on why you’d like to win it. 19 year old Alex Lampone was the lucky one – he won this muscle car. Lampone treasured the car and sold it after a few years. The new owner started to drag-race GeeTO Tiger and actually won nearly every race and… sold it to GTO enthusiast and collector Jim Urban. Jim had it for 30 years and sold the Tiger again to the other GTO collector.
There is no other GTO that ties so much with the GTO history as the 1965 GeeTO Tiger – the real Royal Bobcat car.

Photos: Hurst, Pontiac

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