Cadillac VSR Hot Rod Concept

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This Caddy concept hot rod was built by Race Car Replicas in collaboration with GM Performance parts. The 400 HP 6 liter V8 powered auto show terrorizer was called Cadillac VSR and started its fame at the 2009 SEMA Show.

You can see Cadillac-like styling over the lightweight aluminum tube frame chassis. The rear 22-inch wheels are transmitted the power though an automatic transmission while the front 20s have electric system to handle better. All wheels are independently suspended on Air-Ride, stopped by 6-piston disc brakes As GM says themselves, this is a contemporary hand-sculpted body blended with Cadillac and hot rod styling from the past.

Interior is enriched with digital instrumentation, carbon fiber seat module with leather seats and custom dashboard. Even though this Caddy is certified as street legal by GM there are no intentions to have it in production.
No one expects this Cadillac VSR Hot Rod to hit the streets, but it is good to know that GM still has some imagination left.

Photos: Cassy Phelps,Timothy Rohn

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