Welderup Rat Rod

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Diesel – that’s the first thing You’ve got to know about Steve Darnell’s rat rod made in his shop Welderup. The body was taken from 1928 Dodge 4-door and was chopped and channeled onto handmade frame which is strong enough to carry the engine from 1998 Dodge truck – Cummins 12 valve diesel. A lot power, good millage [20+!] and a lot of smoke [literally].
The trim is pretty unuassual – bandsaw and chainsaw blade. The doors were made form a recycled gold mine brass mesh, dashboard – from old farm equipment, rear bumper was fabrocated from excavator’s engine pistons, etc. All stuff is from recycled salvage equipment. A real smoker rat…

Photos: Alan57, welderup, J.K. Gomez

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