Obsidian SG-One Mustang

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You will probably be amazed by this custom pro-tourer Mustang with the finest coach level craftsmanship, good engineering and the best components. When you get muscle cars from manufacturer you’ll probably get somewhere in between 400-500 HP. Obsidian Mustang has … Continued

1970 Boss 0770-SR Mustang

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This pro touring custom 1970 Mustang was made by JM Enterprises. They took 1970 body, made it GT-wide and put an ugly wing in the rear end with the beautifully blended modern Mustang fascia in front. The 0770-SR can be … Continued

McLaren M81 Mustang

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McLaren M81 Mustang was introduced in late 1980 – it was the first Ford SVO. Special Vehicle Operations [SVO] division was ment to “develop a series of limited-production performance cars and develop their image through motorsport.” A heavily modified hatchback … Continued

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

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4 decades after the 1969, Ford Racing first offered the 5.0 liter 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 monster and now there’s a new – “302S” Boss. Ford will also offer a circuit-ready racer – 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302S which … Continued

1970 Mustang Milano Concept

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This concept is a styling exercise, experimental car from Ford. 1970 Mustang Milano concept features ultra-violet color 2-tone low stance body with unique color-changing tail lights which glowed green, amber or red, to indicate whether the car was accelerating, coasting … Continued

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