Oldsmobile rocket 88

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Muscle car Grandaddy

Oldsmobile Rocket production took 1949-1990 period and has faced a lot of replacements among themselves. The first 1949 Rocket named “88” had Over-Head-Valve V8 [OHV]. This classic car is defined as the grandfather of all muscle cars. It had light-weight V8, small body and more power than necessary [the engine was actually made for larger 98 series]. In fact, during the first 3 years Oldmobile’s Rocket was the best performing vehicle. In 1950 Rocket won 8 out of 10 NASCAR races with the only one available automatic transmission and some other interesting features [overhead valve-train, forged crank with counterweights, hydraulic lifters, aluminum pistons, etc].

‘Make a Date with a Rocket 88’

During 50’s Rocket not only had a song written [popular 50’s slogan], but also some updates like one-piece windshield, Holiday Hardtop model, 3-speed manual transmission, optionable Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. The six-cylinder 76 line was dropped entirely as 88. During 1951 Oldsmobile provided a basic luxurious 88 and brand new Super 88. In 1958 an update of Super 88 came – Dynamic Rocket 88 Pillarless Coupe – aka Dynamic 88.  Super 88 was replaced by Delta 88 and Jetstar 88 after 1964. Delmont 88 was introduced with 330 cubic V8 in 1967, 350 cubic V8 and optionable 425 V8 in 1968.
Delmont survived only 2 years – plush interior Delta Custom came… with standart 350 cubic V8 with 2-barrel carburetor [250 HP] and optional 445 V8 with 310 HP [ment for Dleta 88 Custom and Royale models], 4-barrel 455 V8 with 365 HP and top power 455 cubic V8 with 390 HP were also an option. Most luxurious rear-whel drive Oldsmobile vehicle was Delta 88 Royale Broughan LS. It was released in 1985 after major redesign. Delta 88 coupe was manufactured from 1978 until 1981. After some facelifts in 1990, 1992 Oldmobile 88 [aka Eighty Eight] was finally replaced by something not with 88 name tag – V6 powered Aurora…