Hudson Hornet: 1951-1957

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The Hudson Hornet was produced by Hudson Motor Company between 1951 and 1954. The Hornet was also built by AMC [American Motor Corporation] between 1955-1957.

The first Hornets were famous for their lowered gravity center  and quite a good handling and looking. Unique step-down design  was both functional and stylish and caused racing success – Hudson was good at cornering [overall, it won 27 out of the 34 NASCAR races in 1952]. This classic car took the Super Six chassis, 308 cubic flat six  engine that was the largest displacement six-cylinder engine in the world [stock engine had 145 HP and 210 HP after some improvements in 1952].

During 1952-1953 Hornet got some minor design changes, but was still similar to Commodore. Because of expensive Hornet’s body update and started to lose competition in design to The Big Three [GM, Ford and Chrysler]. 1954 model got some major redesign – square lines, updated interior, and optionable 308 cubic  engine either with 160 or 170 HP. Anyway, this design was too late to save sales.

The second generation, manufacture by AMC,  merged Hornet into Nash model which was technically based on senior Nash models, but took Hudson’s design with coupe, sedan and hardtops available. In 1956 Hudson received some “V-styling” which was again unique and noticeable and… took sales down. During 1957 Hudson got SUper and Custom versions available as 4-door sedan and 2-door Holywood hartop. The 327 cubic 255 HP engine did not manage to boost sales. 1957 was the last year of Hornet/Nash manufacturing.