V12 Shelby Cobra

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This is an awesome Cobra Kit Car with Mercedes V12. It belongs to Magnus Jinstrand [Sweden]. Since it is easier to find European stuff in Sweden’s junkyards that American muscle  the car has no Ford engine under the hood. Magnus first aimed for Mercedes V8, but he got the V12 from S600 quite accidently and adapted big Lysholm 3300 supercharger to it. The result is around 600 HP, so C4 Corvette suspension, Brembo brakes, adjustible sway bars were used. Magnus still has some overheating problems, but he’ll deal with it soon [we hope]. Porsche Cup race-like  custom rear wing ensures downforce. The front chin spoiler took much time to fabricate and was tricky, but it turned out awesome.

 Photos: Anders Odeholm [via hotrod.com]