Six badass widebody Challengers

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The first one is 2009 Forgiato Challenger R/T with Forgiato Trifolio 24-inch rims, Magnacharger Supercharger and custom red-and-black interior. This one is one of a kind and for sale – $65.000



The second one is Classic Design Concept [CDC] 6.1 liter Hemi 2008 Challenger [575 HP]. The CDC Challenger’s engine was improved by Bi Brake Kit, the suspension was stiffened and lowered with KW suspension kit. It has 5-speed automatic transmission, Corsa Cat-Back exhaust, Bear brakes, 20″ rims.


The thirdWWC custom wide body Challenger convertible made for King of cars. This Custom Dodge Challenger convertible also has wide body fenders, power roof and windows, Gibson exhaust, high end Polk Audio system, retro stripes, flat black rear spoiler and blacked-out tail lights.


The fourth – 2009 4-inch body extension Challenger owned by Greg from JW Motorsports rides on sick 26-inch Asanti rims. It is flat black with some custom night-glowing golden stripes. It is made by TOPO – the WideBody King.


The fifth one is custom Topo Challenger. Topo is a nickname of one talented wide-body maker. This Challenger has all-metal rear widebody, matte gold paint, custom interior, Forgiato wheels, Gibson exhaust, Kenne Belle supercharger… It is also made by the WideBody King TOPO.


And the last Custom wide body Challenger is also a creation of the same guy – Topo. This one sits on 26-inch Asanti rims.

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