HPP Challenger Daytona

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Turning recently appeared muscle car newbies into concept revitalized custom cars isn’t big news today. While market has decreased and car manufacturers has economized and reduced model lines or even killed brand names, muscle car fans keep guessing, purposing and even manufacturing the new generation of their beloved cars.

Historically quite a lot name plates were closely connected – Camaro and Firebird, Challenger and Barracuda, Mustang and Falcon, etc. Recently, there’s a lot of buzz  about the new generation Pontiac Firebird, that could have been manufactured if GM wouldn’t have killed the Pontiac brand. Naturally, designers are using the last generation Camaro for the 5th generation Firebird platform [eg., Lingenfelter, Phoenix T/A and other concepts], new Challenger for Barracuda’s platform [Mr Norm’s Barracuda package]. Some fans make their car one-of-a-kind while others try to get bigger and start manufacturing them at least in limited series.
One of the latest non-automaker concepts is Heide Performance Products [HPP] Challenger Daytona which was inspired by Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird B eye-catching design. Crazy winged cars terrorized NASCAR 40 years ago. Surprisinglly, Challenger’s wheelbase is the same lenght as 1970 Superbird’s. The retro looks was revived by radical redesign of front and rear ends, rocker panels, hood and a sky-high legendary rear wing.
HPP guys added a Vortech supercharger in order to get the 5.7 liter Hemi engine 600 HP and installed KW suspension package to get the Challenger Daytona 3.5 inches lower.

Photos: Heide Performance Products


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