RingBrothers custom shop

RingBrothers custom shop

Sometimes its nice to “google” just for fun, ’cause then many random customizers and their muscle cars come by. This is the latest find – the RingBrothers shop. Having in mind that this is probably small shop, their project list do show that they know what they’re doing [their Camaro was on Hot Rod magazine cover and that means a lot..].
Gotta say their customizing style doesn’t look unique, but still looks clean, smooth and nice. Reactor, Copperback, Kona and Silver Streak custom Mustangs and Razor Camaro seem to be quite a head turners.

Here’s their 2010 SEMA show car – 1970 Mustang Dragon:

Here’re some photos of their other work:

Photo courtesy RingBrothers

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