Craig Waltjer’s Custom 1969 Mustang GT

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Graig Waltjer got into Mustang since young days. When his brother later a friend got Mustang Mach 1. Many years have past and Craig finally got his Mustang – a beautiful 1969 Mach 1 in pretty good condition. Since his brother had a classic-car restoration company [Muscle Car Creations] the restoration was started, but… strange thing happened. They discovered that this was not a Mach 1. It was a Mustang GT model which, in fact, was rarer one.

Anyway, Waltjer decided to go custom instead of restoration. He kept vintage touches, but changed things under the hood. Cressman Enterprises built the engine from 427 FE Genesis race block  to  532 Stroker monster.  Nice build, Craig!

Photos: John Jackson,