1970 Petrol Charger by Steve Strope

1970 Petrol Charger by Steve Strope

Recently we came up  with a new name every custom muscle car enthusiast must know – His Majesty Steve Strope from Pure Vision Design. He got into customization because throwing  shiny parts  into muscle car doesn’t have any vision, no theme, no meaning for him.  And.. we truly like what he does.

One of his peace of art is custom 1970 Petrol Charger which has plenty of aftermarket goodies. While Steve is inspired by stock cars so he naturally uses OE parts in his projects, but still You can feel the car got different after the visit to Strope’s shop.

This Petrol Charger has a black grille surrounded by impossible to miss orange shade. The interior dash is actually from 1971 Charger slightly modified with Redline Works gauges and some other features. Original seats are modified with custom made covers. The back of the car is fitted with tail lights from 1968 Charger.

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