1967 Camaro by Kindig It Design

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Mike Hess, the owner, comissioned Dave Kinding of Kindig It Design to build him this amazing 1967 Camaro. It features Chevy LS6 with Magnuson Suercharger and that pair mean 440 horsepower. TCI suspension, Tremec 6-speed, Willwood brakes, custom exhaust and many more feaures are all there. Smooth door handles, Kindig It Design product, are there too. Interior feaures red leather by JS Custom Interiors, customized smooth dash and modified stock seats.
The bodycolor is PPG Land Rover Gold. All the original body trim was kept and used. 19-inch front and 20-inch rear Billet Specialties Legacy 2G wheels enriches the overall looks.

Photos: Kindig It Design (used with permission. Thanks Sherri!)