1946 Buick Super Evita Convertible

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Check this custom Buick “Evita” out! Even though the car itself is from 1946 and still holds the original frame. The 430 cubic V8 engine [7 liter] is a bit newer – it is taken from 1969 Buick. It was upgraded with Edelbrock carburetor and Stage 2 camshaft.

The Super Evita features original steering with the column taken from ’79 Cadillac, it has modified front axle while the rear axle was taken from 1979 Pontiac Bonneville. And all of that sits on 3 hydraulic pumps.

The convertible top got 5-inch chop treatment and many exterior changes where done: the ’47 DeSoto rear bumper was welded into the nicely painted body and the rear lights (the source says it was taken from Seat, but we think it is actually from Fiat) where nicely fitted into that sexy rear end. Mercedes E-Class headlights feature the front end with nice grille from the 1950 Buick.

Photos: powerful-cars.com