Viper will feature a supercharged V10

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Hold your horses. MOPAR is getting really serious here. Reports say that Chrysler is getting delivered supercharged V10! Damn, that’ll bring its top dog MOPAR title back and will easily outdo the 707-horsed Hellcat. Anyway, it probably will not pass … Continued

2016 Camaro. Is that it?

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During the press conference at the Detroit Auto Show, GM gave a quick glimpse at their 5 new models comming in 2015. And there was the new Camaro too. Well, it was just a blurry silhouette, but guys at CamaroNews … Continued

2015 Shelby GT

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Shelby American delivered their 2015 Shelby GT. Despite the all-wrong-and-ugly front grille it delivers a lot of goodies too. Their info: New for 2015 are many Shelby specific and designed parts made of light weight carbon fiber. The entire hood, … Continued

Random snap: lifted ’69

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This is not your ordinary 1969 Mustang Coupe. This is … emmm…. lifted 69! I have no idea what chassis is it on, but it looks, well, different. Photos used with permission. Thanks, emh87!

Rumors: Ford is to kill V8 after 2017

posted in: Other | 0 put up a rumor, that Ford is to discontinue the V8 after 2017. Their “insider” said, that due to CAFE and EPA pressure (not custumers, sales or whatever!) Ford is to put the V8 engine away. Their 2016 Ford … Continued

2015 Buick Avenir Concept

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This is how your next luxury Buick may look. The new flagship sedan is just a concept, but it resembles what GM is on quite well. Buick unveiled their Avenir Concept at 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Global design team did … Continued