One-off 1969 Mustang R-Code

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Mecum Auctions has one hot deal (September 4-7) – one-off 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback with R-Code 428 Cobra Jet Air engine, shaker hood, C6 transmission (automatic), locked diff, power steering and Candy Apple Red body paint. Here’s Mecum Auction information … Continued

2004 Mustang Targa

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This is just plain awesome. You are looking at 4th generation 2004 Ford Mustang. It is customized so nicely it hurts. Couldn’t ever think of such a treatment on this generation, but it looks absolutely perfect. It got an unusual … Continued

1999 Camaro Z28 Wide Body

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Some guy, under username McNord at forums, started his wide body Camaro project a few years ago. It is ‘99 Z28 with wide quaters, fenders, rockers and customized spoiler, soe and rear bumber. Each corner is 2″ wider than … Continued

TOP10 greatest muscle cars

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Muscle car enthusiasts will not stop arguing on this. It is especially hard to rank the best ones when there’re so many good cars. Most will probably agree, that the best muscle car era is already far gone. The best … Continued

2014 Chevrolet SS Coupe Concept

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Well, that’s actually Holden Commodore SS envisioned as coupe concept, but this could easily be the 2014 SS Coupe, Chevelle or Monte Carlo. Sadly, this coupe would probably be a direct competition to technical twin – Camaro. And this means … Continued