2013 Charger Daytona

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Remember the ugly monster-winged Daytona from 1969? Well, it is a beautiful treasure now and very much appreciated among muscle car enthusiasts and collectors. So as 1970 Plymouth Superbird. The good thing is that now Dodge unveils their latest 2013 … Continued

Camaro by Magnat

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Magnat tuners involved themselves into very nice project – latest european Camaro. New upgrades feature Wimmer performance kit that improves the up to 451 horses, Oxigin gave their 22-inch rims wrapped in Yohohama tires, Variant One adjustable coils, Audiovox sound … Continued

Dodge Charger Concept

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This is a very interesting Charger Concept  by Alireza Saleh who happens to be a design student from Iran. This particular study of muscle car is obviously very much influenced by the original brand’s heritage and legacy with a few … Continued

1991 Chrysler 300 Concept

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Chrysler’s 300 name plate represents luxury and power for decades. But, God, they have failed with the 1991 300 Concept. Thankfully, they did not get it into production – it would probably had led Chrysler to bankruptcy. It looks like … Continued

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