AMC AMX3 Prototype

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Due to bulky AMC engineering they started to look for sophisticated European alternatives even though Gremlin and Pacer were headed the right direction. After the 1969 Chicago Auto show where they exposed AMX2 and got much of positive reaction AMC … Continued

Magnitude roadster

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Magnitude is a stylish 1932 custom Muroc roadster build by Marcel and designed by Chip Foose and owned by Jerry Magnuson. This car has won the prestigious Goodguys 2010 Classic Instruments Street Rod of the Year. Magnitude is powered by … Continued

Cadillac will return to races

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Cadillac has announced that they will get back to SCCA World Challenge races in 2011 with Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. Caddy is working with Prat & Miller motorsports engineers on this racing coupe in order to fit series’ technical requirements, but … Continued

2012 Camaro Z28

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Muscle car war isn’t over yet. While Mustang offers their 302 Boss and Shelby GT500 models, Chevrolet finally confirmed  2012 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro. There were a few teaser spy shots early this year, but then GM suspended Z28 program due … Continued

2011 ZL1 Camaro from SLP

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42 year ago GM released the ultimate high performance big-block 427 cubic L88 engine which was installed only 69 Camaros and 2 Corvettes only and these were known as ZL1 cars. They have great value now. In tradition of that … Continued

1000HP LMC Super Cuda

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This muscle car started as Plymouth Barracuda back in 1970. But after LMC guys took it over it became the LMC Super Cuda which basically kept the looks of the original, but swapped its heart with twin-turbocharged Viper V10 in … Continued