Rosie 1966 Mustang

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What you are about to see is so custom that it may be right to state this is not 1966 Mustang any more. Rosie ’66 Mustang is pure technical art, muscle car sculpture, modern interpretation of old school legacy. The … Continued

Unofficial muscle car concepts

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A few decades ago designers used pencils to create their legendary muscle car designs. Many of them have historic value among muscle car enthusiasts. Sadly, some of the car makes, like Pontiac, will probably never be manufactured again, but at … Continued

1965 Hurst GeeTO Tiger

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There was an interesting marketing campaign in 1965 where Pontiac promoted their new Pontiac GTO and Hurst Performance Products. The contest was based on special album recorded by The Tigers and the grand prize was a special 1965 Pontiac GTO … Continued

Chevrolet Aerovette Concept

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Looks like that there actually were to ‘Vettes – the well known Corvette and the Aerovette. Aerovette was GM Chevrolet’s concept car that began its life as Experimental Project 882 [XP-882] in 1969. Aerovette was a mid-engined car powered with … Continued

Custom Streamliner

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One of a kind beauty. This Streamliner was built by Norman Timbs, engineer form LA with experience in building cars for Indy 500. Norman built this in 40s and it costed him around $10K. Some say the design of this … Continued

C3R Retro Stingray Corvette

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What you see here is an amazing C3R Corvette Stingray Concept purposed by Christian Cyrulewski. Christian was inspired by C3 Corvette and added some modern and noticeable perspectives in his design. httpv://

Danz Custom 1969 Camaro

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It is very popular to convert new model muscle cars to early ones, but what you see here is backwards thinking. Danz Customs took their 1969 Camaro and updated its appearance to look as the new Camaro – which was … Continued

FireBlade – Concept Corvette

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If this Corvette ZR1 concept would get into production many muscle car enthusiasts would certainly be happy. South African designer Indries Noah designed his FireBlade in very aggressive and mean way. He was inspired by such cars as Shelby Daytona … Continued

Anteros Corvette

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If You own a 2009 Corvette and are not happy with the way it looks [?!] one of the choices may be the offer from n2a Motors – convert Corvette to Anteros model. It takes 12 weeks to build Anteros … Continued


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Thom Taylor took his first sketches of heavily customized Studebaker back in 1990, because according to Thom “it was the most outrageous, ridiculous car”. The idea was to response to the Larry Erickson desinged Cadzilla, which was build by respectful … Continued