Knight Rider 2008

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The new K.I.T.T. [Knight Industries Three Thousand] is modified 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR with some similar features to the original K.I.T.T.: tuned sporty suspension, 550 HP solar-hybrid engine, turbo boost, infrared vision, access to military satelite and FBI database, … Continued

Dodge Viper: 1996-2002, 2nd generation

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Second generation Dodge Viper GTS had minor face-lift, but the most noticeable feature was its roof which was slightly dubbed in both sides to accommodate helmets. Besides face-lift the new Viper lost some weight and gained more power – 7.9 … Continued

Dodge Viper: 1992-1995, 1st generation

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Dodge Viper is an American sports car know for its aggressive muscular design and high performance from powerful V10 engine. Some say, it was inspired by the success of AC Cobra. Well, Carroll Shelby was seriously involved in the first … Continued