1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake

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“Cobra to End All Cobras” – this is how this true muscle car is described. Carroll Shelby had his personal dream of Cobra – he took already powerful Competition 427 Big Block engine, added twin superchargers [Paxton] joined powerplant to a Super 3-speed automatic gearbox and fitted all this into light-weight aluminum 1965 Competition body. The ultimate muscle car with 800 HP was born… History shows, that there were only 2 units built.

The tragedy of twins

The birth is very interesting too. CSX 3015 – the only existing Super Snake – started as full competition roadsters built for european racing, not public roads [CSX 3015 is one of only 23 427 competition roadsters built. They were raced, but never saw public roads even if they were street legal]. In mid-1967 it was transformed into street legal car – the 427 Cobra S/C  (Semi Competition, nicknamed Super Snake).

The twin sister SCX 3303 which was originaly built for Bill Cosby was destroyed together with its second owner,Tony Maxey, while he was committing his suicide by driving it of the cliff  into Pacific Ocean. The survived CSX 3015 was sold in 2007 for 5 million dollars!

These are CSX3015 restoration pictures. Taken from this cobrastory:

The auction:


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