Overestimated Berger SS Camaro

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We’ve faced so many limited edition muscle cars recently that is it hard to understand whether those are worth something at all. Even manufacturers balance themselves on the limited edition essence risking to corrupt them.
But what to say about all those dealers making “limited” edition-thing? Most of them are only customizing cars in numbers. And this make us feel those dealer-editions are less worthy than a unique, one of a kind custom cars built  somewhere in the sheds and garages of Texas or Utah.
Forgeline Wheels and Berger Chevrolet joined their forces to built a limited edition Berger SS Camaros. Berger SSs will feature same 6.2 liter V8 engine tuned to 550 HP, 20-inch Forgeline wheels, Cat-back exhaust, Hurst short throw shifters, a few  Rally stripes and some badges.
Chevrolet.com offers SS Camaro for around $35.000 while Berger SS has a $60.000 price-tag. Is it worth that much? Does it has extra value? Will this be a legacy car? Sorry, I seriously doubt that…

Photo: streetlegaltv.com

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