Kellison J4-R

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Some say this car is ugly-beautiful, we’d say – it is beautiful. Kellison J4-R is one of a few fiberglass car models built by an ex fighter pilot Jim Kellison. Kellison adapted body shapes of Italian design cars like Ferrari, Maserati onto a race-like chassis from American models like Cobra. The unique idea was that he produced a few models on his original 1958 model design. The original plan was to produce cars in conjunction with GM [like Ford with Shelby], but it didn’t happen.

Kellison was competition focused and won 27 first place trophies before selling his personal J4-R. The fiberglass light [about 880 kg] bodies have a low, wide, slippery look with a roof line which measures just 39 inches high. This particular Kellison J4-R is powered by Chevrolet Corvette 327 cubic V8 and a Saginaw 3-speed transmission. It was available for around $40K. Great car.

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