Hennessey Venom 700R

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Well, Hennessey could be a synonym for “more power”. They are know for giving ridiculously huge extras for the engines they tune.

Hennessey Venom 700R is no exception. They start with already venomously powerful SRT Viper and install their supercharger and Viper transforms into 705 horse powered Venom 700R.
Improvements include high-flow cyl heads, custom tube headers, 3-inch exhaust, K&N air filter and lots of extra badges and some optional carbon fiber parts, lighter rims, adjustable suspension, etc.
All of that sprints Venom 700R from still to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Yeah, you definitely need that timing in your city cruise, right? Top speed – 216 mph or 345 km/h. So, if you want your SRT Viper got transformed to Hennessey Venom 700R, contact guys from Hennessey.

 Photos: Hennessey