Chevrolet Corvette: 1963-1967 Sting Ray, C2

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1963 came with the 2nd Corvette generation and Sting Ray coupe, that was designed by Larry Shinoda and mounted onto Duntov chassis. The most noticeable exterior change was split rear window, independent rear suspension and for the first time fastback coupe model. Hidden headlamps, boat tail made 63′ Corvette seriously attractive. The default engine in 63-64 was 327 V8 with 250 HP, but had options varying from 300 to 375 HP. Legendary Z06 race package was also available and included metallic brake pads, heavy-duty suspension, bigger fuel tank and fuel injected engine. Due to safety precautions split rear window was discontinued after a year together with hood vents. All in all, Sting Ray got the right attention from public having over 20.000 models sold in 1963. 64′ model eliminated some exterior details and got new 327 cubic 360-375 HP V8 engine.

In 1965 Big block came around – 396 cubic V8 with 425 HP [aka L78 engine], 4-wheel disc brakes, but was not sold successfully and was discontinued after 771 cars which now are demandable collector’s items.  GM did not stopped to develope engines, so that 427 cubic V8 [aka L39, 390HP and L72 with 425 HP] came to market in 1966.
The real glory of 1967 model, besides some exterior changes, was Corvette’s new L88 engine – 427 cubic V8 with aluminum cylinder heads, huge 4-barrel carburetor and 500 HP [430 officially]. Because of high pricing, the were only of L88 built. In every way Vette was in its peak in 1967 not only because of L88 glory, but also L68 [427 cubic, 400 HP], L71 [427 cubic, 435 HP] with three 2-barrel carburetors [aka tri-power].

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