Anteros Corvette

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If You own a 2009 Corvette and are not happy with the way it looks [?!] one of the choices may be the offer from n2a Motors – convert Corvette to Anteros model.
It takes 12 weeks to build Anteros from a donor car. They start conversion by removing all body panels and installing the new carbon-composite body. The interior is entirely redone with lots of leather. n2a Motors remove the stock exhaust and wheels and change them with their custom built components.
The turnkey Anteros Coupe starts at $149k [176k if based on Z06 Corvette], Convertible – $154k. For additional cost you may get 525-1000+ HP performance packages.
The black convertible Anteros you see below is based on stock 2009 Corvette while silver coupe is transformed from 2009 Z06 Vette.


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