Chevrolet Corvette: 1953-1962, C1

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The Chevrolet Corvette is a muscle car with solid history. Corvette is being manufactured by General Motors since 1953 and has 6 generations to date. The first classic Corvette was designed by Harley Earl and named by Myron Scott [after fast ship]. Each generation has some different features like model gamma, engines, design, etc. The car has been built in 3 versions: coupe, targa and convertible.

C1: 1953-1962

Due to fact that Corvettes were hand-built, there are only 300 produced in 1953 – those are the most rear and have high demand among collectors. It was equipped with 235 cubic Blue Flame straight-six engine [150 HP].  With a few color options year 1954 did nothing special except being the last year Corvette used V6 engine – since 1955 it got small-blockV8s that ranged from 265 cubic [196 HP] to 327 cubic [360HP] in C1 generation.

In 1956 The Vette got sporty face lift with 210 and 240 HP engines and the most important news the next year – fuel injection. Injection was suited together with 283 cubic V8, optional 4-speed manual transmission, heavy-duty brakes and of course – suspension. Some new features came along 1958 – 4 headlight design with lots of chrome, changed grill, improved interior, 230 HP 283 cubic small block V8. All these features made the 1958 Corvette the most flashy ever. Chevy got some minor exterior changes and better performing fuel-injected engines during the next 2 years [ranging from 250 to 315 HP]. 1961 came with classic Corvette “boat” tail design and 4 round tail lights. Chrome absent and the most powerful C1 Corvette [327 cubic small-block with 360 HP] was made in 1962. Actually, 62′ was the last year for wrap-arround windshield, solid rear axle and convertible-only body range. Exposed headlights came back in 1998 and 2005.

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