45th Anniversary 2011 Shelby GT350

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Due to 45th Anniversary of the legendary 1965 Shelby GT350 new special Mustang edition was unveiled by Shelby. This  means, that Shelby-tuned Mustang will be fitted with Ford’s Racing [FR] supercharger to gain 500 HP, FR suspension, 6-speed manual transmission,  Borla exhaust, 6 piston Baer brakes, 19 inch Cragar wheels, front splitter, functional hood scoop, redesigned tail lights, new dashboard for interior, etc.

This performance American car is based on 2010 Mustang and has the latest 5.0 liter small block V8. Every segment was enhanced or replaced in order to balance this performance pony could truly represent the 1965-1970 GT350’s spirit. Since GT350 was one of the most important Carroll Shelby’s  car it was also stepped uo by his requirements for performance.

Each Anniversary GT350 will be painted in traditional white and striped with Shelby Guardsman blue LeMan stripes. The package will be limited and has a price tag of almost $34.000 [plus the price of the base car]. Click here to find a dealer.

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