2017 Yenko Camaro features 800 HP and 750 TQ

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Hellcat, Shelby… Pff… Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) dropped their supercharged engine into a 2017 Camaro V8 SS to create this 800 horsepower monster that also develops 750 pound-feet of torque. The standard and also very mighty 6.2 was bored to 6.8 liters, new crankshaft, H-beam rods and pistons, better fuel system and inectors from a Z06 were installed too.
SVE has planned 50 units for the 2017 only, so you better get your wallet out, sir.

PS.: modeern day Yenkos are not originated to the famous ones from Yenko Chevrolet of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. SVE uses the name under license from owner General Marketing Capital Incorporated.