2017 Challenger Demon

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So, an other bullshit/teasing marketing saga is on for quite a while now. Dodge is to bring their new Challenger Demon to the 2017 NY Auto Show. The car is supposed to feature more power than a Hellcat (730HP), so we’d estimate somewhere close to 800 range.
Teaser photos suggest the fatter tires. Dodge themselves confirmed the Demon has a higher stall speed for the torque converter of the car’s 8-speed auto and that means higher revs on launches. The car also has a 3.09 final drive ratio (Hellcats – 2.62). All of this means 18% higher torgue and 35% higher launch force campared to the Hellcat.

Well, Dodge is penetrating the market of small-dicked impotents very well. So, the Demon should be succeeded by what? A “viagra” nameplate probably…