2012 Dodge Viper – the Snake is back

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The Snake is back! It seems that 2012 may be the best year for muscle cars. After FIAT entered the Chrysler owner’s club the Dodge Viper was announced to be back in 2012. There’s a little detail on the new Viper’s features, but the new styling is still Viper-like, but with noticeable Italian design cues. The Snake will probably have all-aluminum V10 engine developing about 600 HP. Dodge SEO Ralph Gilles ended said: “You’ll see the new Viper June 2012 as a 2013 model. That’s a promise.”

There are rumors that the next generation Viper will only be an Alfa Romeo 8C with restyled front end. Let’s hope FIAT will only add their styling cues and will improve current V10 with their Ferrari technologies.

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