Jay Leno’s EcoJet biodiesel turbine car

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The EcoJet car is a concept and custom car built by a collaboration between Jay Leno and GM, assembled by the Big Dog crew. This cars runs using biodiesel in a Honeywell LT101 gas turbine [not piston engine]. Gas turbine [aka combustion turbine] is a rotary engine that gets energy from flow of combustion gas.
This 2-seater has 2 fuel tanks – one for the biodiesel soya bean oil [mail fuel], other – traditional jet engine fuel. Jet fuel is used at the beginning and at the end of a trip in order to keep engine clean. Biodiesel is used in between. The exhaust air is 1000 Fahrenheit normally [537 Celsius], but 1800 Fahrenheit while performing full power [982 Celsius]. And it smells like French fries.
The car is equipped with a PC and 2 LSD screens: one the dashboard, an other – for navigation control [this car has no rear view mirrors. Just cameras].



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