F87 Camaro by Rad Rides

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Guys at Rad Rides by Troy are crazy. Take a looks at their sick fully custom 1987 Camaro “F87”. It probably took at least one million man hours to do the metal work and it probably takes only half a second to watch it flying by. Radical 3rd generation Camaro.

The oner of the car is Joe Lendway. He’s an engineer at GM. About ten years ago he visited Troy Trepanier and shared his vision of radical 3rd generation Camaro project. The inspiration for F87 came from Lockheed Martin F22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Jet plane.
The foundation of the car is Morrison chassis with 2×4 rails, the fornt suspension is from C5 Corvette, while the rear one is “Swivel Link” from Speed and Engineering. The engine is 406 small block with twin turbos. It means something in the range of 1600 horpsepower. GM 4L80E Bowler Transmission back up the power.

Photos: Rad Rides by Troy; Mickey via hubgarage.com