Big Al

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This is the first full-fiberglass “lift-off” body car – “Big Al“. It was built and raced by Jim Lytle and was powered by P-51 V12 engine from Mustang fighter plane. The body was a customized replica of 1934 2-door Ford Tudor. Big Al happened to have 3 generations:

Big Al I (the steel bodied version) ran 10.50 @ 148 at Lions in August 1963 and won top eliminator at Cotati, California.
Big Al II (fiberglass) was the first drag car to top 160 in the low 9’s.
Big Al III (fiberglass) was built by Jim himself and a few other enthusiasts. The idea was to show the car in 2005 Indy, so they managed to build it in just 36 days.  “In 1963, the original car cost me $3000 to build,” he recalled.  “In 2005, I spent 48 grand — just on parts!”. You see, the Allison engines are very expensive nowadays – $30-$50 K.

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