Akira’s 1967 Custom Camaro

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This one is quite unique. This custom Chevy combines pro-touring, pro-street and lowrider elements. It was built by Hot Style Customs, Japan for Akira Yamamoto – japanese guy with a serious attitude. He’s dreamt about his Camaro for years until he managed to get one. It happened to be 1967 Camaro recently used as a drag car.
Well, it is not pure american any more, but Camaro still has 383 Chevy’s small block under the hood with fat blower popping out of it. The first thing to notice is teh paint work, custom front grille and lowrider stance. 1967 Custom Camaro also has a fully custom interior and Universal Air suspension kit lifting those shiny 20-inch rims.
It is hard to decide whether to like it or not, but Akira’s custom Camaro is definitely worth all those prizes it already won back in Japan.

Photos by: speedhunters, hot style customs

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