2009 Innotech Corvette

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Innotech made their C6 Corvette package faster, lighter and maybe even better, than the original C6.

Innotech 2009 Corvette was available with LS2 and LS3 engines in various modifications, including the top one with twin turbo’ed LS3. The result – up to 1000 horses under the hood. The variaty was huge – Corso or Borla for exhaust system, Baer or Brembo for brakes, HRE or Forgelinefot performance wheels, Michelins or Pirellis for tires and the most noticeable part – body modification list, that includes carbon fiber fascias, fenders, diffuser, hood, wings, etc.

Nice custom 2009 C6 Corvette packages from Innotech.

 Photos: Innotech