2015 Mustang Concepts by American Muscle

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Our friends from AmericanMuscle.com rendered some intriguing concepts. They took the latest generation 2015 Mustang and envisioned how 3 very well known ‘Stangs would look like dressed in the S550 platform: The Bullitt, The Eleanor and Iacocca.

2015 Bullitt Concept

Just like the original oldschool Bullitt this modern version features blacked out bilet grille, painted headlight housing, Bullitt style wheels, side scoops, quarter window louvers, heat extracting hood and, of course, the Bullitt green body color.

2015 Eleanor Concept

Even though Eleanor is fictional car, it is among the most replicated muscle cars ever. The power of Hollywood. American Muscle team is no exception – thy like it too, so they rendered a modern bodykit for your latest Mustang. Just wat a few more months after the sales are on, and we are pretty sure, a body kit like this will be available very quickly. S550 Eleanor features the very well known center fog lights kit, paired front head lights, hood pins, Shelby style wheels, side exhaust and largeside scoops, thesuper sweet body color and 2 black stripes. Awesome.

2015 Iacocca Concept
That car, guys.. That was/is a total eye candy. Only 45 units of this masterpeace were built by the Gaffoglio Metalcrafters Family to honor Mr Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca, the former president of Ford. Amcarguide votes for this concept to be built just like America Muscle rendered it. Perfect!