The General Lee 1969 Charger

The General Lee 1969 Charger

This 1969 muscle car was used to be named as the most recognizable car in the world. Well, we believe this may be true in the USA, because it was used in famous TV series The Dukes of Hazzard [1979-1985].
The Dodge Charger was named General Lee after Confederate general Robert E. Lee and was painted in flat orange color. It had the picture of Confederate battle flag on the roof, “01” number and its name on each door. The doors were welded shut and the windows were always open – in order to perform chases and stunt jumps [in almost every episode]. It also ment that the Duke¬† cousins had to climb in /out through windows.¬† The horn sounded like anthem Dixie [Confederate States].
318, 383, 440 V8 engines varied in the show although the official one was 383 cubic. 440-cubic powered engines usually were used for the higher and longer jumps. The exhaust was basic, mostly with the pipe cut right before the rear end.

There also was The Dukes of Hazzard movie [2005] where some changes to the Charger were made. Cooter repaired General Lee after it was vandalized by Boss Hogg’s guys – he repainted it in a bright orange, replaced the engine with a Hemi, added Vector 10-spoke “turbine” wheels, redesigned the “01” number, added black grille and “General Lee” text right above the door.

The WCC guys also did a new Charger into something that’s have a lot in common with General Lee – 4-doors saloon was converted into 2-door coupe, the body was painted in orange, the roof had a flag and both doors had “01”. Nice and modern interpretation.. Just like a few more others.

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