Satin Vapor Editions from the SRT

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The SRT offers its 2014 cars with all new Satin Vapor Editions for Chrysler 300 SRT [$2.3K}, Dodge Challenger SRT [$1.7K] and Dodge Charger SRT [$2.33K]. These editions were unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Chrysler 300 SRT Satin Vapor Edition feaures 3 exterior paint colors Granite Crystal, Bright White and Billet Silver with an optionable black body stripe. 20 by 9 inch 5 spoke aluminum rims are inished in Black Satin Vapor Chrome, mirrors, roof and spoiler are all in Satin Black, the HEMI badge is grey and Brembo is still red. Various carbon and black elements enriches the Nappa leather interior, but, sadly, the engine has no changes at all – same good old 604 HEMI V8 [470HP].

Challenger SRT Satin Vapor Edition has the same rims and Satin Black mirrors, grey HEMI badge, red Brembo calipers and something new – Satin Black fuel door. The body color comes in Bright White, TorRed, Graphite and Header Orange. Nappa leather is there as well as standard V8 6.4-liter Hemi.

And what about the Charger SRT Satin Vapor Edition? Same wheels, same mirrors and spoiler, same HEMI badge and the same red Brembos, same NAppa leather and same HEMI. Colors: Bright White, Billet Silver, TorRed and Graphite.