Dodge Challenger: 2008-present, 3rd generation

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Let’s welcome a real muscle car back

The third challenge was given on February, 2008 – the third generation Dodge Challenger.  This time is was design masterpiece as the first generation. This 2-ddor coupe is a very close retrospective to the first generation Challengers – a lot of elements are common even though the newbie is longer and taller and shares shortened version of LX platform [current  Dodges Charger and Magnum, Chrysler 300C]. All 2008 Challenger came with 6.1 liter [370 cubic] Hemi engine that develops 425 HP. Powertrain was equipped with 5-speed automatic gear box.

Trims, trims and… trims

2009 was a debut year for SE, R/T, SRT8 and SXT trims. SXT is ment for Canada only.  SE – base model which is powered by 214 cubic [3.5 liter, 250 HP] V6 coupled to a 4-speed automatic transmission for the first, and 5-speed for the second part of a year. The SE Rallye package is enriched with dual body stripes, a few body paint options, chromed fuel cap, 18-inch rims and some Micro Carbon interior details.
The middle one – R/T – is powered by 345 cubic [5.7 liter, 372-376 HP] Hemi V8. The gearbox options are 5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual [the absence of multi-displacement system makes this option a bit more powerful].
STR8 – the beast character with 6.1 Hemi V8 and outrageous old-shool 425 HP.  The transmission options are the same as in R/T, but has standard Brembo brakes, sport suspension, 220-inch rims, etc. There also was an interesting 50th anniversary of 329 Hemi engine Super Stock Concept – the 392 [6.4 liter] Hemi based on 2008 Challenger concept. The other interesting concept – SRT10 – with SRT10 Viper’s engine. Looks like this time Dodge was for real [not as in the 2nd generation Mitsubishi based freaky Challenger] – there’s even a drag race series designed for NHRA competition [at least 50 units are built to meet requirements]. It is getting mad, but there is one more sick 1320 Concept version which is based on Drag race package, but is more lightweight with carbon fiber components, reduced interior, etc. 1320 stands for the length in feet of a quarter mile.
Wow… I am even scared to wonder  about the 4th generation, but can’t wait for it to come.

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