2018 Ford Mustang. Eww…

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Yes, eww. This is basically a facelifted S550 and the plastic surgery went wrong. I thought the first generation S550 was too much sporty and European vs beeing muscular and now… this. I kinda stop seeing an iconic Mustang image while staring at this.. sad-faced thing.
Ok, objective news:
– Facelift. You failed so much at it, Ford.
– V6 is gone. Officially.
– 4cyl and V8 got a bit more power and torque. Not yet announced. But V8 is to get similar port and direct fuel injection as in 3.5 liter V6 in the new F-150 Raptor.
– MagneRide Adaptive Dampers available on both performance pacs. Big handling improvement.
– 10-speed auto. 6-speed dual-clutch manual.
– Optional 12″ LCD instrument cluster which is dynamic and customizible is cool

Photos: Ford