2011 SLS Mercedes started as the next generation Viper

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According to Inside Line the next generation Viper has some seeds in latest SLS AMG Mercedes. This information is old, but it is better share it later than never. Dodge was working on the new Viper before SLS project has even started. Dodge had already built an all-aluminum prototype chassis and were working on a completely redesigned suspension setup. When the Mercedes side of Daimler-Chrysler noticed the Viper project it figured it would make a good basis for the SLS. During the early stages of the project, the next Viper and SLS were being developed side-by-side, with Daimler using Dodge’s existing development work. Due to financial situation Dodge abandoned the project while Merc continued to develop the SLS AMG. And Merc even tested it out covered in Viper body [see photos].

It is worth to say, that Mercedes has the proportions of the Viper, but it is not the Viper. Sadly, Dodge did not finnish their next generation viper back then, but we are lucky enough to get a new one in 2012.

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