Jay Leno’s tank car: Blastolene Special

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This unique custom car is currently owned by famous Jay Leno. This beast has a tank engine and custom aluminum body. It has 810 HP and weights 4300 kg [1/11th of the original real tank’s weight].
Originally this car was built by Randy Grubb by using M47 Patton Tank engine and Greyhound bus transmission and some metal for the unique body. After this car was purchased by Jay [around $125k] some improvements were done: new gearbox, rear brakes, new electrical system, some chassis work was done. As this was not enough, Jay is now trying to upgrade this beast car with fuel injection and twin turbochargers to produce sick 1600 HP… And this tuning is not for power, but for better millage. Well, 5 miles per gallon is an improvement actually, because before transmission upgrades it had only 2-3 miles per gallon.
The interesting fact is heat that is produced by this enormous engine – You can drive this car while wearing T-shirt… during the winter time.


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