Harbinger Agent 47 Mustang

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Customizing legacy-rich muscle cars and selling or customizing them in limited series usually looks like trite marketing and fishing for cheap attention, but this one… this marvelous 1969 Mustang customization is one of helluva exceptions.
Guys from agentfortyseven.com are offering unique customization from brand new Dynacorn reproduction body or may use your existing 1969-1970 Mustang shell and convert it into Harbinger Agent 47 Mustang limited to 250 serialized units. As they say themselves this A-47 Mustang is “built specifically for serious track duty or ultra high performance street, this vehicle has ominous looks and the hardware to back them up”. A-47 will receive stiffening rollcage, race suspension, adjustable racing shocks, lightweight racing wheels, upgraded brakes, Agent 47 vintage style racing seats and lifted hood, etc.
Wanna order this Harbinger Agent 47 Mustang beast? Go here and feel our envy.

Photos: agentfortyseven.com

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