1954 Plymouth Custom – the Sniper

1954 Plymouth Custom – the Sniper

This is 1954 Plymouth Belvedere – The Sniper. It was designed by Chip Foose and built by Troy Trepanier. The main feature in this custom Belvedere is Viper’s V10 engine with 480 HP. The car began as 1954 Chrysler Belvedere convertible and got major redesign treatment with many custom panels, roof, etc. The Sniper also features Mercedes headlights, hand built chassis with 1997 Viper suspension and 6-speed manaual gearbox from Viper too.

This custom 1954 Plymouth has been awarded many prestigeous awards and was sold at Barret Jacson for $162.000 back in 2002.

Photo credits: Scott Killeen [Team Killeen]

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