2005 Holden Efijy

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This concept car is made by australian company Holden and designed by Richard Ferlazzo. Ferlazzo said the car existed purely for automotive entertainment. Some say that this car was inspired by Boyd Coddington’s Cadzzilla. Well, it has some familiar features. Originally, Efijy takes many styling from 1953 Holden FJ which was Australia’s most famous car. It has a long 5.2 metre body, 480 kilowatt 6 liter supercharged V8 engine, adjustable shock absorbers and many other mechanical, electronic and material features. All in all, it took about $1,2 million to built.
Because of high demand among rich people, Holden should take some concerns to built it – most of rich men would pay about $1 million to own one. Officially they deny it, but it is possible for limited edition million-worth Holden FJ to hit the roads.

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