VFL Force 1 V10

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Meet the newest American sports car – the VFL Force 1 V10. This coachbuilt 2-seater is the creation of former GM boss Bob Lutz and car designer Henrik Fisker. It happens to be Viper based so what you see here is actually a Dodge dressed up all new and modified to produce 745 HP out of Vipers 8.4 V10. It peaks638 TQ at 5000 RPM which sets 3 seconds flat in 0-60 and tops 218 mph (350 km/h).
“Force 1 is another dramatic example of what we are going to do at VLF Automotive by combining proven world-class platforms and components with elegant designs to produce stunning bespoke luxury sports vehicles” said Bob Lutz, VLF Automotive Chairman.
Prices start from $268.5K and is limited to 50 units.